Reason & Purpose

As fathers, the greatest challenge that we face is raising our children well.

As fathers, we want this club to be an opportunity and environment to foster long lasting relationships and bonds with our boys and with other like minded fathers and for our boys to foster strong bonds with like minded boys.
Time flies and soon are boys will be in a period of trying to determine what they are being called to do in life. This is an opportunity to help shape the more important matter of who they will be.
“Men who are  considered great are those of integrity; men who have unified their intentions, words, and actions, and chosen to be guided by the time-tested virtues of sound judgement, responsibility, courage, self-mastery and respect for others. Success hinges not only on the major decisions a young man makes, but also on the everyday choices.”
James B. Stenson from To Be A Man – Life Lessons for Young Men
Our Hope and prayer is that This Father Son Club opens up opportunities for the boys to help grasp tools and inspiration towards mastering fundamental human virtues and to help them become characters we can be proud of as Fathers. These boys are part of our legacy.
And by journeying along side our Boys in this very impressionable age, we will help show them what men of integrity look like.